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SHPE UA is in association with the University of Arizona College of Engineering

SHPE Mission:
SHPE is the Source for Quality Hispanic Engineers and Technical Talent

The goal of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE - pronounced "ship") is to mold and shape college students into valuable and powerful assets that any company will be willing to hire. As our name implies, this club will make you a PROFESSIONAL. Since the onset of the club in 1974, SHPE members have been hired by many prestigious companies including IBM, Raytheon, Honeywell, Motorola, Exxon, Intel and the list goes on. Furthermore, our members have made valuable contributions outside of the engineering field as managers, consultants, and even officers in the armed forces.

SHPE History:
SHPE was founded in 1974 by a group of engineers employed by the City of Los Angeles. Their objective was to represent the Hispanic community as leaders in the engineering, science, and mathematical professions. SHPE quickly established two student chapters to begin the network that would grow to encompass the nation. Today, SHPE enjoys a strong but independent network of professional and student chapters throughout the nation. The Student Chapter at the University of Arizona (SHPE/UA) is dedicated to fulfilling our founding fathers' dreams to promote and encourage Hispanic participation in engineering and science.

Chapter History:
Since our beginning in 1982, SHPE/UA has been committed to the development and implementation of programs aimed to successfully recruiting and retaining Hispanic students in engineering, applied sciences, and mathematics. In the past sixteen years, SHPE/UA has grown from 10 to 65 members and has accomplished many goals. SHPE/UA won the prestigious award of Outstanding Student Chapter by SHPE national in 1990. From 1991 to 1994, SHPE/UA was voted the Most Outstanding Engineering Club on the University of Arizona campus. Two of those years, we were also voted Outstanding Club for the entire university. Last year, our members contributed over 700 hours of community service focused toward the recruitment and retention of minority students. We wish to continue with this tradition

SHPE is divided into six regions. This structure insures that representation is distributed evenly amongst all SHPE student and professional members. SHPE/UA is part of Region II. Region II includes 24 student and 9 professional chapters across Arizona, Southern California, Southern Nevada and Hawaii.

SHPE UA has weekly meetings, every Thursday starting at 5:00 p.m. During our meetings we present to you a summary of what is going in SHPE UA. From our events, to special guests, SHPE UA tries very hard to bring the best of both the professional world and create opportunities for members to develop. Meetings are lead by the local SHPE E-board. Also, we usually provide food in our meetings. Just keep in mind that most of our money for the food comes from your membership fees that you pay.

In most of our meetings, we bring you special guest that will, in one way or another, impact your professional and daily life, or at least make you smile! So what kind of guest speakers do we bring? From the professional side, we bring to you representatives from the most competitive engineering companies in the nation, including Raytheon, IBM, Honey Wells, and Intel among many others. In addition, we try to bring other professionals that can educate our members with helpful tips such as how to make a professional résumé, management organization, etc. Thinking we are just about technical stuff? Worry not, because we too are students. We understand you and we also need something to make things interesting. Because of this, we bring you other interesting guest such as massage experts, and many other great individuals.

We are a very interactive group, and so we involve our members in one way or another. In most of our meetings we run activities that make you interact with other members, state who you are, and thus become part of our family. You can see our event calendar by clicking here.

Is not too easy to describe the great experiences you can be exposed to in our meetings, so I highly and importantly recommend you attend some of our meetings and find out what we are all about. Laugh with us, play with us, and learn the wonders of the professional world as we all walk as SHPE members.

Member Benefits:
There are a vast number of benefits for the members, but for the most part as in any thing you do in life, you get out what you put in. For example, as a member of SHPEUA you will have many opportunities to develop leadership, scholastic, fellowship, service, and team-work skills. All these can be obtained by participating, volunteering, and helping out in meetings, events, activities, you name it. We all have busy schedules, but that is why there is always something you can do.

As a member of our professional chapter you will have the opportunity to attend to any of our regional and national conferences. Why is this important? Because here is where you will be able to network with recruiters from all over the country who are there just for you! It's true, these expenses cost you a little bit, but as a chapter, we get sponsorships for these events and therefore you can qualify for many of these sponsorships.

In addition, you will get a certificate of recognition by the national board of SHPE, a SHPEUA T-Shirt, and the free food you'll have on our meetings. And don’t forget, you will also become a part of our Familia!

There are still many more benefits, but instead of telling you about them I invite you to look around this website for pictures of our events, activities, our missions, etc, as well as to come to our meetings to see what its like! Hey at least you'll get some free food.